ABOUT Vibrant Talent Test

What is Vibrant Talent Test ?
VTTest (Vibrant Talent Test) is the Largest Student Employability Assessment and is recognized by over 300 companies. VTTest aims to connect the right talent with the right job opportunity. This online test will be of 60 Mins containing questions on Quantitative Aptitude, C, C++ and Core Java / .NET /Testing/PHP.
Does test have negative marking ?
No. VTTest does not have Negative Marking.
What is Vibrant Talent Score Card ?
Based on evaluation of your VTTest, a VTScore card will be generated. This card will be your gateway to multiple job opportunities based on company criteria. Companies associated with AlmaMapper Technologies will review your score card for interview.
Does giving the VTTest, guarantee me a job?
No. VTTest is a pre-screening criteria used by the companies to shortlist the right talent. The company might have other rounds of screening conducted after the Vibrant Talent Test. So the idea of you getting a job, totally depends on how well you fair in the other screening rounds of the company after the Vibrant Talent Test.
How is giving the Vibrant Talent Test, more beneficial in comparison to other job portals ?
Giving the VTTest and getting your VTScore, puts you in front of the queue in terms of getting exclusive and premium job opening which are not available on other portals. Also since, VTScore is accepted by over 300 companies as a pre-screening criteria for their fresher hiring, you automatically get an advantage over candidates applying on other job sites without a valid VTScore.

Taking the Vibrant Talent Test

Where can I take the Vibrant Talent Test apart from my college ?
You can take Vibrant Talent Testby registering on our website- http://vibranttalenttest.com/
Can I take the Vibrant Talent Test from home ?
No. Candidate can only appear for VTTest from our test centers.
How long is my score valid ?
VT Score is valid for 6 months from date of test.
I have taken the Vibrant Talent Test for a particular company. Is my score valid for other companies too ?
Yes, Vibrant Talent Score is applicable to all companies associated with AlmaMapper Technologies. However, if validity of your VTTest has expired, you may have to retake VTTest.
I am in 3rd year of Engineering. Can I take the VIBRANT TALENT TEST ?
Yes. Since VTTest is valid for 6 months, any job seeker can take VTTest. Moreover, VTTest will help students practice and prepare for campus placements.
Am I eligible for Vibrant Talent Test ?
Everyone can apply for VTTest, there is no eligibility criteria.

Online Payment

How do I pay for Vibrant Talent Test ?
You can enroll for Vibrant Talent Test through http://vibranttalenttest.com
I have registered for an event but I have not got my admit card. What should I do ?
Apologies for the inconvenience, we will look into your registration and dispatch your admit card at the earliest.
I have registered for Vibrant Talent Test and fee has been deducted from my Credit/Debit Card/Bank Account but I haven't received my Admit Card ?
Apologies for the inconvenience, we will dispatch your admit card at the earliest.
How much do I have pay for Vibrant Talent Test ?
At Launch we are offering a 50% discount to the candidates applying for the VTTest with the launch price of INR 399/- for 6 months. This offer is valid till 30th January. The price for the VTTest Package after 30th January, 2018 shall be INR 499/-per subscription